My journey from the O2 in North Greenwich to the London College of Communication in Elephant and Castle.


Music by Lino Rise.

For my last uni project, I created this video for a Japanese song which is about the sadness of how still today there are people struggling to survive in the aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan on 11 March 2011.

Points for Poverty and Pencils of Promise group project with Digital Media and Advertising students from the University of the Arts London. A prototype of an app for iPhone. I did the animation of the baby.

For a uni project I was required to produce a piece of work on 3Ds Max, which was very new to me. Since rendering times are very long, the only purpose of the short animation was to show the model.

The Ministry of Sound is an iconic night club in London, and this video aims to promote its Saturday Sessions events.

"The temperature in the caravan dropped and the flames of the candles blue. Shivering, the old woman clasped her shawl more tightly about her frail shoulders and gazed into the wooden bowl. The water clouded and then cleared. Shapes loomed. Dark colours merged then separated. Her fingers twitched unavoidably as tiny electric shocks prickled at her skin. Then came a series of hazy images, playing out like a soundless film.
A clock struck midnight. Through the window of a nursery, the moon illuminated a child sleeping in its crib before vanishing behind a single cloud."

A short film I made inspired by Steven Johnson's book "Emergence". The patterns that emerge from the city are similar to the patterns seen in communities of primitive species such as ants.


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